Why is Google blocking the new YouTube app for Windows Phone?

Why is Google blocking the new YouTube app for Windows Phone?

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Google And Others Reportedly Pay Adblock Plus To Show You Ads Anyway

DI I am on Firefox. I always install adblock plus as an extension. Why do I want to look at that??? Seems like companies care more about getting paid or are bleeding for cash to make it from paycheck to paycheck if they need to do this to us.

That’s why I think taking the time to do SEO on videos is very important. We’ve had videos rank on the very first page of the search results as soon as we’ve uploaded a video, and that’s because we use tags, write a description, and type out the CC script.

Your channel has been disabled for monetization Make sure the video meets our guidelines If you’re not seeing ads on your video or monetization isn’t available, make sure the video has the right settings and meets the guidelines: Make sure your video has the right settings: Ad formats are turned on your video Video is public instead of private or unlisted Ads are not disabled for your channel you can check this in your Account Settings Make sure your video meets the guidelines: Video meets our monetization criteria Content in the video is advertiser-friendly You’ve demonstrated commercial rights to the content in your video Get help with videos in the review process If the monetization status has not changed for more than 72 hours or it seems stuck in the review process, check to see if we sent you a follow-up email requesting more information.

Make sure to check that the email address associated to your YouTube channel is correct in your account settings and you’ve opted in to email notifications. Repeated submission of ineligible videos, the same information, or insufficient documentation will not expedite the review time and may impact your ability to monetize videos in the future.

How long does review take? Review time depends on a variety of factors, such as video and channel performance. We receive many requests every day and review these submissions as quickly as possible. Videos can only be submitted for review one time and the review decision cannot be appealed. Try these troubleshooting steps: If you’ve enabled ad-blocking software or add-ons and extensions on your browser, you might not see ads on your video.

Try turning off the software or extension. If you’ve disabled ads for your channel within your Account Settings , ads will not serve on any of your videos.

YouTube punishes Logan Paul over Japan suicide video

Tap the Play Store app icon, which resembles a multicolored triangle on a white background. It’s at the top of the page. Type in adblock plus , then tap the “Search” or “Enter” button. It’s near the top of the search results page. The Adblock Plus app listed here will only work specifically for Samsung Internet, but Adblock Browser for Android is designed by the same company.

This green button is in the top-right corner of the screen.

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About 7 years I got my first camcorder right before setting out on a backpacking trip to Argentina. I had never held a camcorder before, I had never edited a video, and I had never been in front of a camera…but I wanted to make videos. Our footage was raw, shaky, and it had a slight air of lunacy, but it so fun filming it. If you want to get into video you need to have a goal.

Learn to press the delete button What you take out is just as important as what you leave in. Once of the things that can kill a potentially good video is too much of the same thing. Choose the best shots and then delete the rest. If you show too much of the same and the footage starts to feel a bit repetitive, viewers will lose interest and move on to something else. Your job is to keep the viewer engaged, even if it means parting with some of your files.

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YouTube has cut some business ties with Logan Paul, the hugely popular vlogger who posted a video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan. Paul’s channels were removed from YouTube.

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People Want Logan Paul To Be Banned From YouTube After He Posted A Video Of A Dead Body

Me What a terrible idea to promote this. Facebook is free, the costs are supported by the revenue from the ads. If this practice were widely adopted, then Facebook would go bankrupt or be forced to charge users. If you like using the service for free, then the least you can do is let the ads display on your screen.

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There’s no easy fix for Google’s YouTube problem

The first thing you have to understand about AdSense is that how much you earn is directly dependent upon how much the Google AdWords advertisers are spending. The ads that appear on your site are being paid for by the advertisers. There is an auction that takes place where the advertisers choose a maximum bid.

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In both cases, the stories seem pretty ridiculous, and for all the complaining that copyright holders do about how awful it is that they need to “police” their own content on YouTube, it seems like those who are getting hurt are people who are putting up public domain material and getting shut down — often with little recourse. The first story comes to us from two self-described “hippies,” Haint and Littia, who had put up a video showing some of Haint’s works, and used as background music a song by a group called the Psalters, who put their entire album into the public domain so that anyone could do what they wanted with it — such as using it for background music in a video.

However, music licensing company Rumblefish, supposedly uploaded its catalog into YouTube’s content ID system — and apparently and I’m still trying to figure out how, because no one seems to have a good explanation , the Psalters song is somehow in Rumblefish’s catalog. Hence, YouTube took down the video. Apparently others have also been finding their perfectly legal and licensed content taken down thanks to Rumblefish as well, and were told that they needed to call and get Rumblefish’s permission to get the content back up.

Haint and Littia note that they can’t issue a counternotice, because Rumblefish never sent a DMCA notice which they can counter Update: The “takedown” was triggered by the content ID match, which still makes things a bit tricky, since “disputing” such things could potentially lead to a lawsuit , so there’s a bit of a chilling effect in disputing a content ID match. Poking a big company with a stick where they can turn around and file a lawsuit is a bit scary — even if you know you’re in the legal right.

While looking into that story, reader Stephen Pate sent over his own story of having his entire YouTube account suspended. He’s not entirely sure why, but believes it has something to do with video he posted of the recent “crash on the moon. Due to at least one other similar incident, Pate’s entire account was shut down, and to make matters worse, this apparently happened at about the same time that YouTube switched emails to gmail logins, leading Google to claim that it can’t match his email to the email of the account in question.

I’m sure Google and YouTube are trying their best, within the confines of copyright law and various lawsuits, to handle such situations, but it seems like things are a mess — and more and more users are finding that even if they have what appears to be perfectly legal content, they may face takedowns and even loss of their entire account, with limited avenues for recourse.

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A thread has been discovered on the Chromium project issue tracker detailing this as a bug that needs to be fixed. The bug seems to be related to hosted apps being treated as full extensions. So hopefully in the next few days the ad-blocking override will disappear. Thanks to Ertraeglichkeit for bringing this to our attention.

Oct 27,  · Using YouTube Red, you won’t see ads on the YouTube website or and end up dating, the same girl. YouTube is investing millions of dollars into more Red originals, which means there are tons of.

Unsurprisingly, given that the exact same issues exist here in the U. The challenge facing Google is that this problem has no easy fix — with two of three possible scenarios, either creators or advertisers will be unhappy, while Google is probably hoping a third scenario is the one that actually pans out. On YouTube, the root of the problem is that the site has hours of video uploaded every minute, making it impossible for anything but an army of human beings to view all the new content being put onto the site continuously.

Terrorist videos, videos promoting anti-Semitism and other forms of hate, content advocating self-harm and eating disorders and more have slipped through the cracks and ended up with what some perceive as an endorsement from major brands. Following some investigations by the U. Restrict ads to only those videos that appear on channels with long histories of good behavior and lots of subscribers.

That would likely weed out any unidentified terrorists, hatemongers and scam artists without having to explicitly identify them. Except that, of course, the very long tail of YouTube content and creators would be effectively blacklisted even as this much smaller list of content and creators are whitelisted. That, in turn, would be unpalatable to those creators, even if advertisers might be pacified. Brands generally like advertising on Google, which has massive reach and — through YouTube — a unique venue for video advertising that reaches generations increasingly disengaged from traditional TV.

So we have two scenarios, neither of them palatable. There was already something of a backlash over programmatic advertising toward the end of last year, when brand advertising was appearing on sites associated with racism and fake news, but this YouTube issue has taken it to the next level. Google must be hoping this one is what actually pans out.

YouTube De-Monetization Explained

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YouTube is a huge search engine in its own right, and growing your presence there can be valuable for your brand, your presence in organic Google SERPs, and more. Check out this guide that walks you through methods of setting up and growing your YouTube presence, as well as tool suggestions and pro tips along the way.

Any website that embeds videos, including your own website, may generate revenue for you. Enable or disable ads on embedded videos You will automatically be opted into showing ads on embedded videos if you’ve associated your YouTube and AdSense accounts and have enabled your videos for embedding. Note that embedded videos will honor the same ad enablement settings as videos on youtube. If you don’t want to show ads on your embedded videos, there is no way to directly disable ads on just embedded videos, however, you may disable your videos for embedding altogether.

Requirements for ads on embedded videos Ads appear on brand safe sites: YouTube works diligently so that our advertisers’ brands appear on sites that reflect our respective core values. Our systems closely evaluate websites and their content against a variety of factors when determining whether to enable In-stream ads on YouTube embeds, including a strict set of guidelines on content like adult imagery, violence, inappropriate and hateful language, and sites that promote third party infringement.

We require that the video player be large enough in order to promote a positive user experience, therefore we recommend a x pixel or larger player. Also, videos should be embedded using the standard click-to-play embed and not a scripted play.

Why Guys Don’t Pursue

Keep YouTube audio playing in the background The service also lets you listen to videos on your phone or tablet through speakers or headphones when you’re in another app or while your screen is off. This is especially useful for music videos if you only want to hear the audio while doing something else. Finally, starting in early , YouTube Red subscribers began receiving access to new members-only original shows and movies from top YouTubers. It’s possible that down the line new content creators will launch new channels and shows through Red, though for now, YouTube is focusing on existing stars.

The inverse is true too; if you already subscribe to Google Play Music, you also get access to Red automatically for free. You will not have to pay for both services separately.

Instagram says it will use machine learning to find and remove inauthentic likes, follows, and comments from accounts using third-party apps to boost popularity — Instagram is fighting back against automated apps people use to leave spammy comments or follow then unfollow others in .

While we may get through other sites, the ones we regularly visit do need to go ads-less — please? But no worries or dependence on having a jailbroken device to go ad-less. Block ads in iOS 7 apps! We can get through advertisements a few times, but it gets seriously annoying when you have to deal with everyday on the tiny screens of your smartphones. Here is you can block Ads on iOS 7 devices for various websites.

There are a plenty of Ad Blockers; however, not many reliable ones are available unless your iOS device is jailbroken. This very helpful app lets you block obtrusive online content including banner ads, pop ups, user tracking and more!

This Video Made $2,167 at Auction. How Ads Work on YouTube. (Post-Adpocalypse Updated Estimate)

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